Discover Uni allows you to compare information about individual courses at different higher education institutions. This can be a useful method of considering your options and what course may suit you best. Please note that successful applicants are required to do some preparatory reading and complete a pre-arrival online course before the start of the first term.

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  • In this module you will explore advanced techniques in programming as well as building an understanding of how high level objected-oriented languages are executed on a modern CPU.
  • Key areas of security include underlying concepts and threats, and exploring security technologies that can be applied to enable defence in depth.
  • Topics will include algebra, reasoning and proof, set theory, functions, statistics and computer arithmetic.
  • These techniques are widely used in the technology industry for a variety of applications.

In this module you will explore the fundamental properties of computers that allow them to execute programmes. You will learn about how Computers are made to work in hardware and simulation . A collection of Virtual Machines is a cloud, and this module allows you to get experience with the development of your own cloud using appropriate platforms. These courses will provide you with the level of English needed to meet the conditions of your offer.

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That’s why we tailor our offers specifically to you – because we think that everyone deserves the opportunity to be extraordinary, and study what they love. Computer vision is fundamental to intelligent systems ranging from advanced microscopes to access control systems and from autonomous robots to self-driving cars. You’ll will develop expertise that are currently being used in real-world systems.

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Careful consideration will be given to an individual’s academic achievement, taking in to account the context and circumstances of their pre-university education. This MOOC will provide an understanding of the basic idea of machine learning, including a machine learning project on training a computer to recognise images. We offer a number of Massive Open Online Courses which are designed to introduce you to the kind of themes that appear in our degree programmes.

You have access to a dedicated Employability Coordinator who is a useful contact for all student employability queries. Organisation and information retrieval skills to information of various kinds, including text, images, sound, and video. The marks from stage one do not go towards your final degree grade, but you must pass to continue to stage two. Assessment is by a combination of coursework and end-of-year examination and details are shown in the module outlines on the web.

We provide you with all of the resources and study materials you need to complete the course successfully, including the essential reading for each module. You can access these through a Virtual Learning Environment on a range of devices. This learning platform is provided by Coursera, the world’s leading MOOC providers. The maximum number of modules you can study any one session is five, or three plus the final project. You will also receive comprehensive learning materials and support from online tutors. You will be provided with the technical and theoretical know-how you need to implement effective user experiences in software.

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Most of our graduates go straight into computer science jobs in high-tech companies; potential roles include software engineer, app developer, web developer or systems analyst. The module provides an introduction to the theory and practice of optimization techniques. This module is suitable to those who want to apply computational optimization methods to their proble… This module builds on the first year Data Management module to give students a deeper and broader view of the issues involved in database management systems, some of the most complex software in common use.

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In Years 1 and 2, assessment is currently by three-hour examinations taken in the final term of each year. In Year 3, students are assessed by coursework and three-hour examinations. Practical work is undertaken and assessed in all years of the degree programme. If you think you may wish to change course, we encourage you to contact a College admissions office for advice.