Students will work with semi-structured datasets and choose appropriate storage structures for them. A representative of recent non-relational trends is presented—namely, graph-oriented databases. Imperative programming and related “classic” machines like finite state or Turing machines dominate the field of computing.

  • We will consider students who have taken GCE A Level examination, or the International Baccalaureate for entrance to onto our undergraduate programmes.
  • Develop the awareness of professional, social, ethical, and legal issues along with commercial risk and management for computer-based systems.
  • Through large individual and group projects, you will graduate with a large portfolio of evidence for potential employers.
  • However, our approach also includes the use of some online learning to support and enhance traditional face-to-face teaching.
  • At the University of Birmingham we recognise that today’s computer scientists are in high demand and have a range of expertise.
  • Cyber security has always been an important aspect of computing systems but its importance has increased greatly in recent years.

Our graduates go on to successful careers working with all kinds of brands, not-for-profit businesses and public sector organisations. Coursework typically includes essays, written assignments, dissertations, research projects or producing a portfolio of your work. Utilise multi-core processors and GPUs to design, optimise and program parallel and multi-threaded software. Explore campus and city life and hear what our current students have to say about living here.

You can receive local support from a local teaching centre, use the dropdown to find your nearest centre. Develop your skills in computing with a strong programming and mathematics focus. All first year students are offered college accommodation either on the main site of their college or in a nearby college annexe. This means that your neighbours will also be ‘freshers’ and new to life at Oxford.

Bath Computer Science Graduate Is ‘changing The Game’ In Cybersecurity

The module aims to enable you to develop a range of professional skills and enhance your employability by undertaking a software development project in a team environment. If you are interested in learning about programming or wish to update your existing skills in building computer systems, this course provides opportunities to equip you with the skills and knowledge of IT and computing professionals. This module introduces the theory and practice of employing computers as the control and organisational centre of an electronic or mechanical system, and examines issues related to time critical systems. This module provides an introduction to the theory and practice of database systems. It extends the study of information systems in Stage 1 by focusing on the design, implementation and use of database systems.

Applicants who have not studied mathematics can apply for the Engineering/Physics/Mathematics Foundation Year. Applicants with an Access to HE Diploma in a relevant subject should apply for the Engineering/Physics/Mathematics Foundation Year. Applicants who have not studied mathematics at Higher Level can apply for the Engineering/Physics/Mathematics Foundation Year. Four BSc Computer Science students explain why they think more women need to stand up and be role models for the next generation of computer scientists.

Accreditations, partnerships, exemptions and memberships shall be renewed in accordance with the relevant bodies’ standard review process and subject to the university maintaining the same high standards of course delivery. An unclassified degree plus at least two years’ further study or professional experience in computing related subjects. We regularly review our course content, to make it relevant and current for the benefit of our students. Part-time students should be aware that not all modules run every semester; your study plan for the course will be arranged between yourself and the Course Director and is subject to module availability. Some of our degrees involve additional costs which are not covered by your tuition fees. We support our EU and international students by providing a generous range of Vice-Chancellor’s automatic and merit-based scholarships.

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Computer science is a subject with a wide variety of different topics to explore. For example, in any given week, you might go from building a simple central processing unit in the hardware labs to practicing a new programming language, sketching designs for an interface, or learning some obscure maths thing. Our Year in industry degrees incorporate an industrial placement during your third year of study.

Funding Your Study

The ‘web-supported learning’ fee includes support from a University of London online tutor. Alternatively, if you prefer face-to-face tuition, you can pay a smaller fee to us and a separate fee to a teaching centre which supports the programme. While college academic tutors primarily support your academic development, you can also ask their advice on other things. Lots of other college staff including welfare officers help students settle in and are available to offer guidance on practical or health matters.

This module builds on the foundation of object-oriented design and implementation found in CO320 to provide both a broader and a deeper understanding of and facility with object-oriented program design and implementation. Reinforcement of foundational material is through its use in both understanding and working with a range of fundamental data structures and algorithms. More advanced features of object-orientation, such as interface inheritance, abstract classes, nested classes, functional abstractions and exceptions are covered. These allow an application-level view of design and implementation to be explored. Throughout the course, the quality of application design and the need for a professional approach to software development is emphasised. Students need a sufficiently high score in their Diploma or University level study (3.0+/4.0 or 3.2+/4.5).