Learning more about this engineering field could help you determine your next steps in terms of education or career. In this article, we explain what computer engineering is and what the different types are to help you decide which one is right for your career goals. The Master of Science in Computer Science program at Northeastern University, for example, allows students to specialize in database management, security, game design, graphics, or programming languages. An information security analyst is responsible for maintaining and preserving the secrecy and security of digital data for a company or organization. They protect a company’s information from malware, viruses, cyber-attacks and hackers.

  • Computer engineers tend to grow due to their tasks, which are about developing computer networks and circuits.
  • Our work is supported by extensive networked computer facilities and software aids, together with a wide range of test and instrumentation equipment.
  • Meeting the technological and administrative needs of the industry is the final goal, but this definition may well be applied to various other professions, too.
  • Electives explore areas like cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, and bioengineering.

There are also some other levels of this course available in India like PhD, M. Phil, and Diploma in Computer Engineering. Computer engineering has different levels that are being followed in India. We have shared with you some necessary information about computer engineering. Job opportunities in this field are expected to expand continuously in the future.

The list of potential employers can help you choose more career options. The national average wage for computer engineers is almost three times that of the overall national average income. According to our report, typical computer engineers earn about $117,220/year or $56.36/hour. Computer engineering is more practical, asking you to perform other things by hand aside from typing. Although computer programming is crucial, you must also be competent in electronics and physics.

Computer Software Engineering

Some schools also offer academic scholarships or grants for students from underrepresented groups. This degree prepares students to enter a career directly after college. Typically, BAS students hold some experience in technology before enrolling. New computer engineers join a field that stretches back to 1939 when two inventors developed the first digital computer.

You can further explore how hackers break into computer systems and how to defend against attack. When choosing a type of engineering to pursue, consider making a list of your personal interests. Try to think of the areas within technology computer science that interest you most. For example, some professionals build new computers and analyze the parts as a hobby.

With this degree, students will be prepared to specialize in software systems, artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity, and video game creation. A degree in computer science can lead to work in any business building apps and systems. Another way to choose a type of engineering is to research job titles within the computer or technology field. These positions can be in a variety of industries, including education, government, manufacturing and business.

Bachelor’s Degree

Other work in this area includes computer vision development such as recognition of human facial features. In this specialty, computer engineers focus on developing visual sensing technology to sense an environment, representation of an environment, and manipulation of the environment. The gathered three-dimensional information is then implemented to perform a variety of tasks. These include improved human modeling, image communication, and human-computer interfaces, as well as devices such as special-purpose cameras with versatile vision sensors. Computer engineering is generally practiced within larger product development firms, and such practice may not be subject to licensing. National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying first offered a Principles and Practice of Engineering Examination for computer engineering in 2003.

Computer Engineering At Trinity

If your goal is to eventually become a software architect or developer, a degree in computer science or computer engineering will equip you for the job. Advanced computer science curricula thoroughly cover how networks and systems security protocols work while teaching programming and appropriate mathematical concepts. An information systems manager is responsible for overseeing a company’s computer systems.