Computer: 4 Easy Tips to Overcome a Slow Computer/Laptop

Laptops and computers are crucial in today’s online world. A laptop or computer that have often used can make the laptop turn slower or slower than before.

Some of the following ways can be used to overcome a laptop/computer that becomes slow when used.

Close unnecessary programs

Too many programs open on the laptop can make the laptop system work slower. The Bustle page explains that when the laptop becomes sluggish, try closing all unused applications.

Check all programs or applications on the laptop that are open or unused. Close the application or program so that the laptop system can be more flexible. Finally, the laptop or computer becomes faster and not slow.

Software updates on your computer

Old and outdated system software can also make a laptop or computer slower or slower. Legacy software can affect the speed of the laptop or computer used

Try to check the system software on the laptop you are using. Usually, a laptop will provide information about software and system updates.

Delete unimportant files on your computer

The files on the laptop will also affect the system speed and laptop performance. Usually, too many files piling up on a laptop are the main cause of a slow laptop.

Files that are no longer in use should be deleted so they don’t take up memory on the storage system. So it doesn’t make the laptop slower because of the lack of storage space on the laptop’s memory.


The Life Wire page suggests re-installing as the final way to deal with a slow laptop/computer

The reinstallation process will delete all data and systems on the laptop. Including malware and viruses that make laptops slow. This method is an effective way to make the laptop perform like a new item.