Bluetooth mice don’t typically need any additional software to run, but you will need to pair the mouse with your computer or laptop. Touchpads can operate in place of a mouse as a kind of plugin touchscreen. The idea is that you use your finger on the touchpad to move the cursor around on screen, rather than using your whole hand as with a mouse. This way you get the freedom of wireless with the non-stop use and more reliable gaming performance of wired. Its big claim to fame is that it can function both wirelessly and wired – just plug the cable into the front of the mouse when needed. A laser sensor also allows for tracking on the glass and other challenging reflective surfaces.

  • Switches work well with cause and effect programmes that require simple choices but are in no means limited to this; skilled operators have few restrictions to what they can do.
  • The guard also allows you to rest your hands and arms on the guard without pressing any of the keys.
  • Rather than twisting your forearm to lay your palm flat on a standard mouse, you’re keeping it in a natural, handshake position.
  • A compact keyboard frees-up desk space and allows you to bring your mouse closer to your centreline, which helps to reduce the chance of strains by over-extending.
  • They feature a lot of bells and whistles, so if your child needs a little bit extra then these are some good options.

It typically has two buttons at the front, referred to as right click and left click. Most feature a scroll wheel as standard in the middle of the device. My overall sense is that a classic mouse is probably the best option for most people, as ergonomic mice take a lot of getting used to. Mice with too many buttons and options are pointless for the majority; scroll wheel quality varies a lot; and silent click mice are the future. Confirm that the device is fully connected into a USB connection socket on the computer.

A switch input is a button which, when activated, sends a signal to the computer. The switch can also be replaced with a sensor that detects an eye blink, a puff down a tube or any reliable body movement. As they are smaller, compact keyboards can fit more easily between the arms of a wheelchair and are often more comfortable to use for single-handed users. The standard computer keyboard is designed to be used with two hands and has a number pad on the right-hand side, which obviously favours right-handed people. Operated using your fingertips, by either rolling a bar or scrolling your fingers on a touchpad. The device sits in front of the keyboard so eliminates the need to reach for the mouse, while buttons remain close to hand.

Computer Mouse Selection

Larger trackball mice are easy to use and may be particularly helpful for users who lack fine motor skills, including people with learning difficulties, tremors or arthritis. Also, like the BIG track mouse shown here, they can be strong and are often suitable for being operated by elbows or feet. Bar mice are positioned directly in front of the keyboard and have a ‘bar’ that slides left and right and rolls for up and down movement.

The other foot controls switches, often with single and double click or other options controlled by separate buttons. This can be done with a wearable device like the headset in the picture or using a camera. With head movement tracking, the cursor is ‘driven’ around the screen in the same way as using a joystick. Selections are made using a switch that can be controlled by a puff or bite . On-screen keyboards are the way most people now type on tablets and smartphones but are also standard features on most operating systems. Letters can be selected using a touchscreen, a mouse, a switch, or a joystick.


However, a laser mouse can be mostly costly than an optical mouse. An optical mouse uses LEDs to detect movement, and is suitable for everyday use. You must use an optical mouse on a flat, opaque surface to get the best results. A wireless mouse offers you a greater degree of freedom than a wired counterpart as they are more portable. Some wireless mice utilise Bluetooth to connect to the laptop or computer, but most use a small USB receiver. Wireless mice can help to keep the area around your computer or laptop tidy as there is no clutter or tangle of wires.

The buttons are designed to look like eyes, which is great for younger children who may not yet understand what they mean. These days, there are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from wired mice to wireless ones. The ASUS W202NA-GJ0022R 11.6 inch Laptop offers the perfect balance. ASUS W202 is the ideal learning platform for enthusiastic young minds. Powered by advanced processors, it features ultra-fast Wi-Fi, an ergonomic keyboard, and rubber-lined edges and corners that help protect …

If you’re looking to choose a cartoon animal mouse for your child, then there are different ones to pick from including a tiger, frog, elephant, and bear. Shop for stationery, office supplies, filing cabinets & technology, as well as printing services and much more. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. I would like to be emailed about offers, events and updates from The Independent. The fantastic charging dock also makes it really easy to keep the mouse’s battery topped up. If you’re a Mac rather than PC user, then nearly all the other mice in this roundup are worth considering as most of their key functions will also work with Macs.