Moving from web design to UX design can sometimes be quite straightforward, especially if you’ve done some aspects of user research in your job as a web designer. You’ll be able to make the leap if you’ve spent some time studying UX, practicing some UX skills during your web design work, and constructing a CV which shows your understanding of UX design. If you’re wondering where to learn, there are plenty of options available to you, and we’ve highlighted some of the best below.

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  • It is important to have a great-looking website to sell good products and services, but you also need to design a website that feels good to the visitor with every visit.
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It is important to have a great-looking website to sell good products and services, but you also need to design a website that feels good to the visitor with every visit. Visitors should be able to easily navigate the site and find what they want in the fewest clicks possible. Clutter has been a major challenge in Web Design and Development since its inception and remains so today. Remember to use white space for making it easier to read texts and avoid adding too many things to one page. Web developmentis the process of creating web applications and websites.

UX designers are also concerned with emotional design, but on a larger scale—they are concerned with eliciting emotions from users throughout their entire experience of using a product. Designers can use UXPin during every phase of the design process to create user flows, wireframes, information architecture, mockups, and prototypes. With Preview and Share, designers can use prototypes for testing or share ideas with stakeholders. Designers can use UXPin Mirror to share and test prototypes on any iOS or Android device when designing mobile applications. Web design and development is a blanket term for describing the end-to-end process of building a website. The web designer creates a visual representation of the website, which they hand off to a developer who turns it into HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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Website designers must figure out the most comprehensive model that minimizes the gap between users’ assumptions and your website’s logic. According to, 76% of respondents stated they rank the ease of finding information at the top of the most important factor of a website. When you aim to create custom website development, you must focus on hassle-free navigation, comprehensible content, as well as convenient functionality design. Once your website causes burdensome, users might leave, and eventually, there will be a terrible drop in your traffic. You will also be well placed to access a wide range of roles within software application development, IT management, and software and data consultancy.

We introduce theoretical concepts by building on concrete practical activity. Sessions are highly interactive, with practical application of concepts a key factor, as well as cases drawn from real-life. Studying on a full-time basis, you will be required to attend a mix of online and face-to-face sessions for up to four days a week. You will be assessed through a combination of practical exercises, coursework, portfolios, reports, essays, presentations, or examinations. We want you to develop the ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team, therefore assessment includes some small group activities, though the emphasis is strongly on individual work. Year 3 offers you the opportunity to expand your skills into mobile applications and games development, usability testing and data analysis.

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Their services vary from Web development, Mobile application, and Web Designs. Fundamentals of Web Codingintroduces you to the theoretical and practical foundations of coding for the web. Software development for the web has made significant progress in the last decade, moving from primarily static pages to powerful and complex applications. You will learn how to take the fundamental algorithms and data-structures and apply them to solve small-scale real-world problems. The module will enable you to expand your knowledge of a number of programming languages for software development both on the server-side and in the browser. Although they share some skills, web designers and web developers must master specific competencies in their respective fields.

While some web professionals specialize or focus on certain areas, many of them blur the lines between different disciplines. They may be most comfortable working with visual designs using programs like Adobe Photoshop, but they may also know something about HTML and CSS and may be able to code some basic pages. Having this cross-knowledge is actually very helpful as it can make you much more marketable in the industry and better at what you do overall. Good web designers use the principles of design to create a site that looks great.