They allow you to hold your hand at a more natural angle and rest your arm on your desk, taking the strain off your wrist and forearm. If you struggle with pain in your hand when using a normal mouse, a trackball is a great alternative. It’s nowhere near as comfortable as the others on this list, its touch gestures are far less useful in Windows and it’s charging port is annoyingly placed on the bottom. Optical sensors are best for gaming but they don’t work well on reflective surfaces.

  • That’s because Logitech’s latest Lightspeed wireless technology is faster than anything we’ve used before, making it a true competitor to wired mice for gaming.
  • Tablets and smartphones use touchscreens as well as many laptops.
  • The head /mouth stick keyboard has a shape and layout to match natural head movement and minimise the amount of movement needed from the stick.
  • These wireless devices do not have any cables and connect via a wireless receiver.
  • First up we have selected a product aimed at very young children.

To find the ideal form would be to find the perfect design which cannot be improved on. Articulating wrist supports clamp to the tabletop and are a more specialist support typically in instances where there are difficulties supporting the weight of the arms. Arm or wrist pads placed in front of the keyboard can be helpful when resting from typing and can help to reduce discomfort and strain.

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In addition to five available overlays, the keyboard can also be programmed to store five further personalised layouts. High visibility keyboards use high-contrast colours to make the keys easier to locate. There are many different colour combinations with either the keys or the letters as the ‘stand-out’ colour (e.g. yellow on black, black on yellow, black on white, white on black). Being physically comfortable when using your technology is extremely important and extends beyond having a keyboard or mouse that is comfortable to use. Poor posture, over-stretching or discomfort can result in aggravating existing conditions or in developing longer-term issues such as Repetitive Strain injuries (RSI’s).

A USB receiver is a small box that plugs directly into your computer. A wireless connection is a method of connecting devices without wires. Instead of having to plug a cable into another device, you simply place the receiver next to the source. If your child plays video games, then you’ll probably want to get a mouse with an optical sensor.

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Often a quick reboot can clear connection faults with PS2 devices such as these. Sit stand desks can be adjusted according to height and are designed to encourage movement and allow people to work sitting or standing. They are a simple accommodation for people of different heights as well as wheelchair users. Desks are available in a manual hand-cranked or electronic version as well as smaller clip-on units that fix to an existing desk.

Our Head of Ergonomics, Laura Milnes, provides useful insights into what you should be looking for with your computer mouse selection. The correct computer mouse selection – the style of device and position you have it in – is essential in creating a comfortable workstation. When looking for a computer mouse for a very young child, there are often simplistic color pallets or cute designs which your child will love. In general, younger children should stick with small mice that are easy to grip.

We can provide our full range of services remotely, including our home worker ergonomic assessments. Our ergonomic assessments help your employees, including those with complex musculoskeletal needs… Follow the above tips to get computer mouse selection right – or contact our ergonomics team for expert support. Some mice even offer programmable keys, which let you customize the functions of each button. However, if your child tends to favor one side, you should think about purchasing a mouse that works well for him or her. They’re great for anyone who needs to use their mouse frequently.