With a sleek and compact design, it’s perfect for when you need to take it along with you on the move. Our range includes HP wireless mouse, gaming mice, wireless gaming mice, Apple Magic Mouse 2, and more. Conventionally used for desktop computers , mice, trackballs and touchpads can also be used alongside laptop or netbook and tablet machines as well. Using a mouse can give you much greater precision when compared to a trackpad. For example, if you dont wish to use your laptops in built touchpad, you can plug in a separate mouse for ease of use and greater control. This means you do miss out on the sideways scroll wheel and highly sculpted, comfortable design, but otherwise it’s all here.

This Logitech mouse offers a lot of functionality but is still fairly easy to use. It features a scroll wheel, allowing you to move around quickly and easily. All this and the Mamba is also festooned with buttons, including a tilting scroll wheel, and its laser sensor provides excellent gaming performance.

  • The MX Master 2S is the best mouse for boosting your productivity.
  • The next thing to try is replacing the batteries in the mouse and keyboard with brand new batteries.
  • Depending on which way your device connects will determine which steps you follow for this section.
  • If your child plays video games, then you’ll probably want to get a mouse with an optical sensor.

It also gives information on adaptations you can make to standard keyboards and mice. There are so many choices and variations, we cannot cover every single piece of equipment in this factsheet. An ergonomic mouse is a mouse that has been designed to reduce the discomfort, pain or injury caused by repetitive movements.

Some people simply like the feel of a larger mouse while those looking for a mouse for travel will want it to be as small as possible. There are several things to consider when buying a mouse, the first being whether you want to go wired or wireless. You press or, more correctly, ‘click’ these to make things happen. Wasn’t until around 1998 that optical mice became a commercially viable alternative to the ball mouse and infiltrated the mass consumer market. At the time Bill English was working for Xerox Parc the research and development centre set-up by Xerox to ‘design the future of computing’.

Logitech Mx Anywhere 2s: £64 99, John Lewis

Ergonomic mice are optimised to fit a more natural hand position. You still get easy wireless operation, a horizontal and vertical scroll wheel, and Logitech Flow for controlling multiple computers at once. What’s more, its gaming performance is excellent thanks to a fantastic 7,200dpi optical sensor and reliably fast wireless connection. Rather than twisting your forearm to lay your palm flat on a standard mouse, you’re keeping it in a natural, handshake position. As you might expect it takes some getting used to but I took to it like a duck to water and after a while I hardly even noticed that I was using such an oddly designed mouse.

Graphics tablets these require a specialist tablet to write on, but the pens they use are more pen-like than pen mice and generally more comfortable to hold. Touchpads are stationary pads operated by sliding your finger across the surface; clicking can be done with buttons or by downwards pressure / tapping lightly on the surface. Voice recognition is a practical way of controlling your computer and a very efficient means of getting information down. Whether you are using a physical keyboard or touchscreen we’re keen to stress the value of learning touch-typing skills for which there are many training packages available.

It has an ergonomic shape, with rounded edges that make it feel nice and safe. It also has a soft rubber grip, which makes it easier to hold onto. We have decided to add this to the list because of its size and simplistic design.

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It also has a scroll wheel, which allows you to zoom in and out of websites. It comes with a 2m USB extension cable, allowing you to connect it to almost any type of device. If you’re looking to buy a mouse for your child who is already familiar with technology, then these are the products to go for.

When shopping for a computer mouse for your child, consider whether he or she is left-handed or right-handed. The most common feature of these mice is the scroll wheel, which allows you to move through documents easily. Small mice are usually less than 10 inches long, and they’re great for little hands. They’re also easy to carry around, making them perfect for traveling. In addition, some mice have more advanced technology, such as 3D tracking and customizable buttons.