Although curriculum varies by program type, each features a balanced approach to the study of computer engineering with an emphasis on the design, integration, and support of computer hardware, software, and network systems. Typically requiring between 120 and 128 semester credits to complete, the curriculum is divided between general education and computer engineering classes. Broadly, students develop foundational technical skills by studying programming languages, databases, computer and network architecture, and electro-mechanical systems. Examples of specific areas of study include systems software, digital integrated circuit design, microcomputer systems, and electrical and computer engineering design. Some colleges allow students to individualize their studies through program concentrations in software, hardware, and related fields such as robotics, Web technologies, information assurance, and Web design. The master’s degree in computer engineering is designed to prepare students for further studies at the doctoral level or for career advancement.

All our research is implementation-driven, producing working prototypes. Almost every sector in India is getting digitalised, which directly impacts the industries which manufacture digital gadgets like desktop computers, laptops, etc. With so many digital marketing companies, the Indian corporate sector is open to so many job opportunities for computer engineers. From being an IT technician to a software development manager, Or IT Consultant for MNCs, the Indian market has grown to create so many levels of jobs for computer engineers. A computer hardware engineer also makes a good living off the salary and can quickly scale up the company hierarchy or move to a new company. According to the National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies, computer engineers should have a blend of soft, employability skills in addition to technical knowledge.

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On the other hand, software engineering careers are expected to grow by 22 percent nationally at the same time, far outpacing the national average for all occupations. Emerging industries, massive capital investments by venture capitalists in technology start-ups, and the growing demand on mobile technology. Computer engineers with a master’s degree or higher should have the best prospects. In the third year, you will learn how computer systems are constructed from the ground up. You will study low-level assembly language programming to develop a deep understanding of what lies beneath the C++ and Java programs you have written in earlier years.

  • Where appropriate, we may ask for specific information relating to previous modules studied or work experience.
  • Completing a master’s degree in computer science can give you a competitive edge in your current job or allow you to switch career fields.
  • At the moment, hardware engineers earn anywhere from $84,600 to $135,840 per annum, depending on the actual position and years of experience.
  • In general, public in-state institutions charge less than private, for-profit, and out-of-state public school programs.
  • The course assumes a basic knowledge of algorithms and data structures.

Some other examples include work on wireless network systems and fast Ethernet cluster wired systems. Founded as a public institution in 1785, UGA boasts an illustrious history in higher education. Today, Georgia’s flagship university offers online programs to make a UGA degree more accessible. The online courses limit class sizes and use the same high academic standards as on-campus classes. Electrical engineering is the process of designing new electrical systems. Professionals in this field may create, test and refine electrical equipment or processes.

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ABET reviews multiple criteria of computer engineering programs, including curriculum, student performance, student outcomes, faculty, facilities, and resources. It demonstrates that the program adheres to nationally recognized standards and produces graduates that are prepared for career success. I’m interested in a career in engineering, but would like exposure to different opportunities in both software and hardware. Computer engineers in this area develop improvements in human-computer interaction, including speech recognition and synthesis, medical and scientific imaging, or communications systems.

Higher education can be costly, but through careful planning, a degree does not have to break the bank. In general, public in-state institutions charge less than private, for-profit, and out-of-state public school programs. Enrollees learn to edit, compile, debug, and manipulate files using commands and end-user tools. Other topics include architecture, configuration, basic system administration, and a survey of major Linux distributions.

Software engineering teaches how to build everything from small circuits to large systems. This branch of engineering trains students to design, construct, and repair any digital system. For more detailed information about Computer Engineering, candidates can go through this article. According to the BLS, Job Outlook employment for computer hardware engineers, the expected ten-year growth from 2019 to 2029 for computer hardware engineering was an estimated 2% and a total of 71,100 jobs.