If you’ve got the graphics card, ideally one of the best graphics cards, you need to handle 144 frames per second at 4K; this monitor will ensure that power doesn’t go to waste. In our testing, the monitor showed a 7ms response time, keeping up with pricier 4K, 144Hz screens, like the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ, and even beating some when it came to input lag. Plus, FreeSync Premium Pro and G-Sync Compatibility will fight screen tears for those times when framerates drop below 48 fps. If it’s gaming, you’ll generally want something with a high refresh rate , low response time and AMD FreeSync or Nvidia G-Sync for fighting screen tears at low framerates.

  • The Dell ultrasharp QHD monitor is simply glorious to view media with.
  • The monitor also fights screen tears down to a 1 Hz refresh rate with G-Sync and includes the Nvidia Reflex latency analyzer to help fine-tune your eSports performance further.
  • You can lease from across our whole range and even include software and anti- virus.
  • Increase efficiency and quality of work thanks to a bigger display, available on a Flexi-Lease individually or as part of any PC or Mac lease.

Increase efficiency and quality of work thanks to a bigger display, available on a Flexi-Lease individually or as part of any PC or Mac lease. All displays are available on a HardSoft Flexi-Lease and can be bundled with any PC or Mac lease. It’s a compact addition, with a depth of just 8mm, a 15.6-inch screen and weighing a lightweight 800g, which makes it easy to pack into your bag and take just about anywhere. Whether you’re working with a desktop computer, a laptop or a Chromebook, here are the best computer additions to make WFH more productive. Screen size and type is also an essential consideration when picking the correct monitor – space is obviously an important factor so you’ll want to keep that it mind and measure up before you buy. If you’re doing general office work, 22” will give you plenty of room to look at your docs without squinting, like the ACER Nitro Full HD 23.8″ VA LCD Gaming Monitor.

What Are The Three Types Of Monitor?

When choosing a monitor, there are a few key specifications you should look at. Does the monitor have the right connection ports to connect to your computer, games console, or whatever else you wish to use it with? Common display interfaces include HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort and USB Type-C. Whether you’re working from home or you’re simply seeking to get a little more richness out of video and images, there’s never been a better time to buy a new monitor.

In addition, the S3220DGF’s 165 Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time helped it compete well with other 165 Hz screens in response time and input lag. OK gamers, are you ready for one of the best displays available? If you’ve got the spare cash to spend on an ultrawide curved monitor then look no further than Asus’ ROG Swift, which easily has the future-proofed power to dominate your desk space for years to come. This Philips monitor is a productivity powerhouse, with a built-in webcam, an adjustable stand, a USB-C port, and an overall decent screen for general office tasks. One of the more affordable models on our list, this one is a great, user-friendly option if your laptop’s screen just isn’t cutting the mustard anymore.

This reduces the amount of image processing your TV does and should reduce the delay between your inputs and them showing on the screen. Make sure your computer or laptop has at least one compatible port, so you can easily connect the monitor. If you connect using HDMI, bear in mind that some monitors won’t come with an HDMI cable, so you’ll need to buy one separately if you don’t have a spare. If you buy a monitor that doesn’t have the right ports to connect to your PC or laptop, you’ll face the frustration of having to either return it or buy an adaptor.

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What’s more, Samsung claims the QLED screen tech is also capable of displaying 100% of the extensive DCI-P3 color space – something even a high-end computer monitor would struggle to match. The Q60A’s HDR and image processing capabilities aren’t quite on par with Samsung’s larger QLED offerings, and viewing angles won’t be a match for a true OLED display. Three HDMI ports could also be a tad restrictive if you want to connect a lot of AV equipment in addition to your computer, but we still reckon this is a great value TV/computer monitor double act. Speaking of gaming, there are a few specs to look out for if you need a monitor that’ll do justice to your favourite games. The refresh rate is the number of times per minute the image is refreshed, so the higher that figure is, the more dynamic the game can be. 60Hz is standard, but higher-end monitors can go up to 120Hz and 144Hz.

Update and expand your current IT set up with a brand new monitor or display from HardSoft Computers. See your work in a whole new light with a 4K or even 5K display, perfect for editors, animators or 3D engineers. Help your staff to work efficiently and lease them the most up to date IT.

Interestingly, this monitor can be wall mounted – a capability that opens up the potential to save lots of space on your desk. One minor downside is that assembling it can be a little fiddly. The screws used to put the stand together with the screen doesn’t fit into place quite as easily as we’d have liked.

Electriq 15 6 Ips Full Hd Hdr Usb

This monitor is by far one of the best-looking displays you can get, with a next-level 6K resolution, a huge colour gamut, and enough brightness to rival the sun. It’s a beast that will make every pixel of your spreadsheets look crystal clear should you need to finesse all that data you’re working on. Yes, you’re locked into using this display with an Apple Mac but if you’re an Apple lover who’s well plugged into the ecosystem, this is the best that money can buy. We’ve found some monitors that display seriously underwhelming colours and narrow viewing angles and others that are fiendishly tricky to use.