Much of the advice I offer will be objectively terrible. I just don’t think you need to be one in order to build your own PC. Prebuilt systems ready to ship for next day delivery. Fit and screw the case fan on the square panel at the back of the computer case.

  • But in truth, there is only one good reason to build a gaming PC, which is that it’s fun.
  • An operating system is a critical piece of software that assists in managing communications between a computer’s hardware and programs.
  • If you’re not going to fill all of the RAM slots, consult the user manual to find the correct configuration and populate the RAM slots accordingly.
  • Install the RAM into the two long sockets in the motherboard.

And the pride from a successful build lasts a long time. World renowned components with high-grade water cooling technology. Connect the cables so that all components are connected to the PSU. Plug the cooling fan’s power cable into the motherboard. The hard drive will fit into the smaller bay, the optical drive will fit into the larger bay.

How To Build A Computer

MP3’s might be the closest thing you have to a best friend. Perhaps you are writing the great American novel and you are mainly interested in text. If you are building your own machine, you can concentrate on what you want but if you’re building it for a third party, you obviously need to consult them first. If you want to play demanding games or use Adobe Photoshop or similar programs, you’ll need a discrete GPU. They have their own printed circuit board and are mounted into a slot on your motherboard.

The prices greatly vary on what components are added and for what purpose the computer will serve. Only the very best Pentium III running at 800Mhz will do if you want to be raiding tombs in India with Lara Croft again. Many users, myself included, like to play a game solely in windowed mode, while having a video playing on the side, music in the background, or Twitter by the side. Make sure that you note down the types of inputs you will need for the components. Parallel and Serial Ports for the 17” Monitor of your choice. From this, start noting down what components you want, and go from there.

Before you even think about building your own computer make sure that you go for the best technology possible. This is an important task and you want it to turn out as close to perfect as possible. When your PC is complete you want it to have the best hardware available.

I highly recommend the annual NeoGAF PC-building thread as a model of the form. It presents a surfeit of solid information in the most unattractive manner possible. Sure, many games look better on a well-equipped computer, and there’s the occasional big-ticket game that’s exclusive to Windows. But in truth, there is only one good reason to build a gaming PC, which is that it’s fun. It’s fun to piece something together, plug it in and make it go.

What Do You Need To Build A Windows Pc

Also look at speed, almost all desktop HDs are 7200RPM and Cache, most are 8Mb, dont buy a HD below those standards. If you want to spend some money, you can get 2 HDs and run them in RAID which increases performance or buy SSD disk. You can do it later, but with the board out in the open it makes dealing with the small, sometimes fiddly screws much easier. Many motherboards include an M.2 slot cooler, though they’re not really required. Use the first M.2 slot if there are multiple options for you OS drive.

Power Supply Unit

Your build will likely differ slightly, but most of the steps below are universal and will look and function very similarly. If there’s one potential cause for concern, it’s that those new to the process may find themselves wondering how to build a gaming PC . The number of screws you will need to mount the motherboard will vary based on the board, but a full-size ATX motherboard usually takes 9 screws.