Remove the drive bay cover so as to be able to install the hard and optical drives. Prevents static buildup, protecting the electrical components and the user from discharge. They are expensive and usually reserved for those on the high end of the pay scale. You will have high memory and no problem accessing complex CPU programs.

  • How to find the best storage, memory, and processor to build the best computer possible.
  • If the computer turns on, that’s a promising start!
  • The motherboard is the main circuit board and is connected to everything.
  • Also, make sure you get an HD with the right interface that fits your motherboard.
  • You’ll want to refer to your specific motherboard manual here.

With a little jiggling, you’ll likely have a working PC. If you’re yet to choose one, here’s our guide to the best CPUs for gaming. Now, remove your gaming motherboard from its anti-static sleeve and place it on a clean, flat surface. Remove the protective plastic covering over the CPU socket on the motherboard by pushing the lever arm down and to the side, then pulling the covering up.

MP3’s might be the closest thing you have to a best friend. Perhaps you are writing the great American novel and you are mainly interested in text. If you are building your own machine, you can concentrate on what you want but if you’re building it for a third party, you obviously need to consult them first. If you want to play demanding games or use Adobe Photoshop or similar programs, you’ll need a discrete GPU. They have their own printed circuit board and are mounted into a slot on your motherboard.

Memory Ram

Much of the advice I offer will be objectively terrible. I just don’t think you need to be one in order to build your own PC. Prebuilt systems ready to ship for next day delivery. Fit and screw the case fan on the square panel at the back of the computer case.

I highly recommend the annual NeoGAF PC-building thread as a model of the form. It presents a surfeit of solid information in the most unattractive manner possible. Sure, many games look better on a well-equipped computer, and there’s the occasional big-ticket game that’s exclusive to Windows. But in truth, there is only one good reason to build a gaming PC, which is that it’s fun. It’s fun to piece something together, plug it in and make it go.

Install The Motherboard Standoffs In The Pc Case And Screw In The Motherboard

If you’re not sure how much wattage you’ll need, we recommend asking professionals for recommendations. Moreover, you can use online PSU calculators like Be Quiet. All you need to do is enter your system components, and the tool will calculate the wattage based on their peak performance. Graphics processing units are responsible for handling and optimizing visual data. They are used in video and photo editing, playing games, and other intensive tasks. All GPUs can be divided into integrated and discrete GPUs.

When you know what you want from your computer, you’ll know what you need from your hardware, which is the source of your computer’s performance. Get the most performance for less by investing in the right components from the start. Your custom built computer collects dust over time which could slow down its performance, especially the fan and managing the heat distribution. Have the dust cleaned, processor and graphics card repasted by us. To build a gaming PC is to enter a dazzling realm of modern engineering, blazing fast processors and cutting-edge graphics.