Among its many features, it works seamlessly between multiple devices, thanks to Logitech Flow technology. It can spin freely for easy one-flick scrolling through long documents, or when you press the wheel in – you can switch to click-to-click scrolling. That’s because Logitech’s latest Lightspeed wireless technology is faster than anything we’ve used before, making it a true competitor to wired mice for gaming.

Our friendly volunteers can help with most major computer systems, laptops, tablet devices and smartphones. Eye tracking systems track eye movement, using it to plot the position of the cursor on the screen. This can be used to control programmes as well as to type when used with the on-screen keyboard. Touchscreens use sensors in the screen to track movement and selections and are a very direct method of interacting with your device. Tablets and smartphones use touchscreens as well as many laptops. Touchscreen monitors are also available for use with desktop computers.

  • It is easy to carry around and is light enough to keep in your pocket.
  • Those who do use track balls often swear by them, and for all intents and purposes, the MX Ergo works perfectly well.
  • It comes with a USB cable, allowing it to connect easily to most computers.
  • Some people simply like the feel of a larger mouse while those looking for a mouse for travel will want it to be as small as possible.

Most vertical mice come in right or left-handed versions, but some are symmetrical. Choose a mouse that fits your hand; it should be the right shape and size to support the natural curve of your hand, and allow a neutral wrist position. The mouse should have buttons that neither cramp the fingers nor spread them out too far apart. Laser mice are normally wired, and offer a higher DPI than optical mice. If you are require a very precise mouse for applications such as graphic design or gaming, a laser mouse is recommended.


We can provide our full range of services remotely, including our home worker ergonomic assessments. Our ergonomic assessments help your employees, including those with complex musculoskeletal needs… Follow the above tips to get computer mouse selection right – or contact our ergonomics team for expert support. Some mice even offer programmable keys, which let you customize the functions of each button. However, if your child tends to favor one side, you should think about purchasing a mouse that works well for him or her. They’re great for anyone who needs to use their mouse frequently.

The mouse became part of the ground breaking Xerox Alto computer system which was the first minicomputer system to offer a graphical user interface. It was 8 years later in 1972 that Bill English developed the design further by inventing what is known as the “Ball Mouse” that we know today. The ball replaced the wheels and was capable of monitoring movement in any diection. The ball came into contact with two rollers that in turn spun wheels with graduations on them that could be turned into electrical pulses representing direction and speed. Those who do use track balls often swear by them, and for all intents and purposes, the MX Ergo works perfectly well. The track ball is a neat idea and might be a lifesaver for those short on desk space; it also offers respite for those with RSI in their arms or wrists .


The Razer Atheris is the perfect marriage of portable convenience and gaming performance. Minimal buttons, an ambidextrous layout – including removable side buttons so you only have buttons on the side under your thumb, plus a weight of just 80g make it effortless to use too. So to make your mousing life easier, we’ve picked out 11 of the best options out there. Whether you only occasionally use a PC or spend hours working or gaming on them, having a good quality mouse can make the difference between a fun or frustrating experience. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news, offers and expert insights from our team.

Chording keyboards only have a few keys that you press in combination to generate letters, numbers and other keys. They work well for one-handed users with independent movement in their fingers. A separate number pad is normally used with a compact keyboard and can be moved out of the way when not needed. It can also be placed either side of the keyboard, which can be helpful for left-handed users. Make sure your wrist is straight while you are using it and that it is close enough to you so that you don’t need to stretch to reach it.

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Graphics tablets tend to be more geared towards design than ergonomics. Switches work well with cause and effect programmes that require simple choices but are in no means limited to this; skilled operators have few restrictions to what they can do. For more information on voice recognition see My Computer My Way; Talking to your device.

Wireless mice come in various sizes, ranging from tiny models that fit inside a laptop bag to large desktop-sized units. Plug and Play USB Mouse with rainbow light, Precise tacking and easy selction, No need to install any other drivers or software. Learning to control a cursor with a computer mouse is an integral part of this, but sometimes adult computer mice can be too large and difficult to maneuver.

The touch-sensitive trackpad on the front allows for sideways and vertical scrolling while the Bluetrack sensor provides reliable tracking on almost any surface. Its ingenious bendable design means it folds flat to be just 1.4cm thick, making it easy to slip into the pocket of a laptop bag. Its wireless dongle can even be stored in the mouse and it’ll last weeks on one pair of AA batteries – apparently equating to 350 hours of continuous gaming. Weighing just 66g without batteries , it’s light and small enough to go anywhere yet is still comfortable to use for long periods. Chuck one in your laptop bag or desk drawer and you’re ready to go whenever you need. Today, the mouse is an essential input device for all modern computers but it wasn’t so long ago that computers had no mouse and no graphical user interface.