A USB receiver is a small box that plugs directly into your computer. A wireless connection is a method of connecting devices without wires. Instead of having to plug a cable into another device, you simply place the receiver next to the source. If your child plays video games, then you’ll probably want to get a mouse with an optical sensor.

Still, if you’re a person with smaller hands, a child or the US president for example, then perhaps this is the computer mouse you’ve been looking for. It’s got a sleek design and the scroll wheel feels very nice and precise. There’s also a nice quiet click if you’re taking a laptop to the library and using it as a wireless mouse, for example. Depending on what you need your computer mice for, they can connect wirelessly, via Bluetooth, or with a wire to your computer or laptop. If you’re gaming, you might prefer a wired mouse for the most reliable connection.

Wireless Vs Wired

Our friendly volunteers can help with most major computer systems, laptops, tablet devices and smartphones. Eye tracking systems track eye movement, using it to plot the position of the cursor on the screen. This can be used to control programmes as well as to type when used with the on-screen keyboard. Touchscreens use sensors in the screen to track movement and selections and are a very direct method of interacting with your device. Tablets and smartphones use touchscreens as well as many laptops. Touchscreen monitors are also available for use with desktop computers.

  • Earlier wireless devices have a USB receiver which has a cable running from the USB to a small access point on the desk.
  • The flagship feature of this mouse is that it can switch between up to three computers at the tap of a button – hence the ‘Triathlon’ name.
  • Bluetooth mice don’t typically need any additional software to run, but you will need to pair the mouse with your computer or laptop.
  • Poor posture, over-stretching or discomfort can result in aggravating existing conditions or in developing longer-term issues such as Repetitive Strain injuries (RSI’s).
  • The only option to try with this type of wireless receiver is to unplug the device, re-plug it in.
  • The Maltron expanded keyboard is designed to assist people with cerebral palsy and to provide better access for physically disabled and visually impaired users.

To find the ideal form would be to find the perfect design which cannot be improved on. Articulating wrist supports clamp to the tabletop and are a more specialist support typically in instances where there are difficulties supporting the weight of the arms. Arm or wrist pads placed in front of the keyboard can be helpful when resting from typing and can help to reduce discomfort and strain.

What Is A Wireless Connection?

The Razer Atheris is the perfect marriage of portable convenience and gaming performance. Minimal buttons, an ambidextrous layout – including removable side buttons so you only have buttons on the side under your thumb, plus a weight of just 80g make it effortless to use too. So to make your mousing life easier, we’ve picked out 11 of the best options out there. Whether you only occasionally use a PC or spend hours working or gaming on them, having a good quality mouse can make the difference between a fun or frustrating experience. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news, offers and expert insights from our team.

Often a quick reboot can clear connection faults with PS2 devices such as these. Sit stand desks can be adjusted according to height and are designed to encourage movement and allow people to work sitting or standing. They are a simple accommodation for people of different heights as well as wheelchair users. Desks are available in a manual hand-cranked or electronic version as well as smaller clip-on units that fix to an existing desk.