It also has a scroll wheel, which allows you to zoom in and out of websites. It comes with a 2m USB extension cable, allowing you to connect it to almost any type of device. If you’re looking to buy a mouse for your child who is already familiar with technology, then these are the products to go for.

  • Just like computer keyboards, there is a huge amount of subtle variations in the design of mice which can completely change their useability.
  • You press or, more correctly, ‘click’ these to make things happen.
  • Below you will find an extensive buyers guide that will list several different categories worth considering when trying to find your perfect computer mouse.

Ergonomic mice are optimised to fit a more natural hand position. You still get easy wireless operation, a horizontal and vertical scroll wheel, and Logitech Flow for controlling multiple computers at once. What’s more, its gaming performance is excellent thanks to a fantastic 7,200dpi optical sensor and reliably fast wireless connection. Rather than twisting your forearm to lay your palm flat on a standard mouse, you’re keeping it in a natural, handshake position. As you might expect it takes some getting used to but I took to it like a duck to water and after a while I hardly even noticed that I was using such an oddly designed mouse.


It is easy to carry around and is light enough to keep in your pocket. It has a bright LED lighting system, which will allow you to see where you are pointing the mouse even in low-lit areas. The Coolerplus Wired Mouse has been designed to fit snugly against your hand, making it comfortable for long periods of time. It has a simple interface, with two buttons and a central scrolling wheel. It has a simple design, with no extra lights or sounds, making it suitable for all types of rooms.

On the downside, you may experience some interference if you’re using multiple devices at once. Wired mice require a cord to connect them to your computer, while wireless mice do not require one. It also has a button that allows you to access settings and other options, such as changing the DPI setting. It also has a programmable button, allowing you to customize it to suit your needs. You can change the color of the buttons but unfortunately cannot change the color of the mouse itself.

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Some people simply like the feel of a larger mouse while those looking for a mouse for travel will want it to be as small as possible. There are several things to consider when buying a mouse, the first being whether you want to go wired or wireless. You press or, more correctly, ‘click’ these to make things happen. Wasn’t until around 1998 that optical mice became a commercially viable alternative to the ball mouse and infiltrated the mass consumer market. At the time Bill English was working for Xerox Parc the research and development centre set-up by Xerox to ‘design the future of computing’.

Modifying The Keyboard Appearance

It has an ergonomic shape, with rounded edges that make it feel nice and safe. It also has a soft rubber grip, which makes it easier to hold onto. We have decided to add this to the list because of its size and simplistic design.