The keyboard is the piece of computer hardware used to input text, characters, and other commands into a computer or similar device. It does exactly the same thing as the Windows button on the taskbar on your computer screen. You can choose to open the ‘Start’ menu by pressing this key or by clicking the button on the taskbar with your mouse.

The springiness of the silicone rubber makes for a soft, mushy feel as you press the keys. This switch type also requires you to “bottom out” with each keystroke, pressing the key to its fullest travel or bottom of the key well to type a letter. Because repeated flexing of the rubber membrane causes it to break down, silicone dome switches lose their springiness and responsiveness over time.

In 1996, he sought to create a professional keyboard which reduced the number of keys down to just 60, removing any which he saw as being unhelpful or unnecessary. The result was the original Happy Hacking Professional range, which has gained a cult following in the intervening years. I also have some quibbles with the bulky black backbar which gets in the way if you use it as a phone keyboard, and the 85cm USB cable, which seems far too short. There’s also no Bluetooth adapator to connect it to older PCs which is a bit of a downside. One thing I didn’t like was that the keyboard slightly slopes away from you, which means you have to arch your wrists a little to use it.

For example, when placing your hands on the keyboard, they should be positioned over the home row keys. The keys below the home row are called the bottom row keys, and above the home row keys are the top row keys. The escape key has a variety of meanings according to Operating System, application or both. “Nearly all of the time”, it signals Stop, QUIT, or “let me get out of a dialog” (or pop-up window).

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Pointing devices can be used to enter text or characters in contexts where using a physical keyboard would be inappropriate or impossible. These accessories typically present characters on a display, in a layout that provides fast access to the more frequently used characters or character combinations. Popular examples of this kind of input are Graffiti, Dasher and on-screen virtual keyboards.

  • Today, most keyboards are similar to each other but may be missing one or more of the sections mentioned earlier (e.g., the keypad).
  • There’s a lot to love about the Razer Huntsman V2 that we hardly know where to start.
  • Many keyboards are wireless, communicating with the computer via Bluetooth or an RF receiver.
  • Before USB, a computer used PS/2, serial port, or AT as a keyboard interface.
  • Some optical keyboards use a special key structure that blocks the light in a certain pattern, allowing only one beam per row of keys .
  • Small keyboards are also useful where there is a limited workspace.

Backlit keyboards have lights underneath the keys that illuminate the letters and symbols on the keys. This illumination makes the keys visible in low-light environments. The most common keys to turn on keyboard lights on Windows computers are F5, F9, and F11.

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When you press a key, you press its button, recreating the experience of typing on a typewriter. As a result, mechanical keyboards can help increase typing accuracy. Keystroke logging can be achieved by both hardware and software means.

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When you’re in the midst of an intense game, missing even a single keystroke can spell doom. With the help of Logitech’s free app, gamers can customise each key with one of 16.8 million unique hues. You could paint all your direction keys in red, and have all of your action keys in blue, for example. The keyboard itself is a rather cute, dinky little device, as long as an A4 piece of paper in landscape, and about half as tall. That, of course, means that this keyboard is by far the loudest of the bunch. Whether you find that constant clattering charming or irksome will be down to personal taste.