Computer games: 5 PC Games for Kids, Safe for All Ages

A computer games/ PC game for children can be an option when you want to invite your child to do a fun activity.

Playing is a good way to improve the relationship between children and their parents, playing can also improve children’s brain and physical development.

Do you agree that the world of children is the world of play? Therefore, parents must choose the right games that are safe for children to play. One type of game that you can introduce to children is by playing games on a PC.

Computer Games Coloring Book

This Coloring Book game is very suitable to be played for children who like to color. In this Coloring Book game, children will be asked to color the pictures that are available in the game.

The Coloring Book for kids are available on PCs running Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, and Windows Vista, to provide pictures to color, this game also provides a variety of interesting colors so that children can express their imagination.

Computer Games Maze Book

Maze Book is an offline educational game that kids can play on the computer. So, you don’t need to bother connecting it to the internet network to play Maze Book.

The game Maze Book has a way of playing and controls that are easy for children to understand. In addition, this game has a play concept where children have to find a way out of the Maze by presenting animations that are quite interesting for children.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

This game made by LEGO with the theme of superheroes from the Marvel world, such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, and so on, is definitely suitable as a recommendation for computer games for children.

The superheroes have to form an association and stop Loki and the other antagonists from trying to destroy the world.

Cake Mania 3

Playing Cake Mania 3 will train children’s thinking speed. In this PC game, the child will act as a cake shop manager as well as a reliable chef.

All the food and cakes must finish before the game time is over and the kids prepare a variety of amazing foods.

Babysitting Mania

One of the PC games for children that can be an effective choice to help children grow is Babysitting Mania. In this game, the child will act as a babysitter or babysitter who will be asked to take care of several babies and then do household chores such as washing clothes.

In addition to training reasoning, this game also makes children have to complete all their work within the allotted time.

Games for children that are safe for children to play with. Always accompany children when playing games and limit the time. Media such as games has uses as a means of education, don’t forget to always accompany the children. Have a good time! Check out our recommendations for computer games for children below.