With record-breaking weather in July and a UN Climate A… Our two-tone panels are also excellent for improving the look and feel of your office space. These types allow your team members to either sit or stand.

In cool industrial style it neatly combines desk, shelves and storage nooks. A narrow computer desk is often all that’s required to run a home office. They come in basic tabletop designs and those with shelving and drawers for your paperwork and other office essentials. Metal desks come in anything from stainless steel to aluminium. Some will be a blend of wood and metal, while others will be completely fashioned from a metal.

Lunan Industrial Bench Desk

Give your office a fresh look with our great collection of high quality office desks. All our desks are available at affordable prices to suit every style and budget. Our range of products allows you to consider styles that work well within your office, home or any other environment. The industry standard desk height is modeled around the average height of a person being 6 feet tall. This means that the average desk stands about 29 inches tall. However, adjustable desks and standing desks can and will be taller, so if you’re reasonably under or over the height of 6ft, then these are a good option for you.

  • Below we will tell you a little about each type, what it is used for and which environments it is best suited to.
  • Try sitting by a desk or dinner table and measure the height to make a calculated choice.
  • And from the bottom of the desk to the floor it should be roughly 60 cm.
  • Therefore choosing the right desk is important for your productivity and comfort.
  • Our collections are available with matching items to design your office space with the style you want.

You can find a range of new, refurbished and used desks to suit any taste and budget. Yes, all our products come with a minimum of one-year warranty. Certain items will offer warranties which range from two to ten years. Warranties are stated on each product under the “Specifications” tab in the product description.

After all, your home office space needs to be tidy. Your home desk is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. Maybe you’re working long hours on the computer with stressful deadlines. Or you might be spending a lot of time gaming with your friends, working hard to level up. Perhaps you’re a persistent student, needing room for schoolbooks and notepads. And on top of all that, you might want a workspace for your hobbies as well, be it scrapbooking or painting miniatures.

Ewing Trestle Home Office Desk Oak

This fantastic gaming desk contains huge amounts of functional storage for your tech and office essentials. The San Diego office desk is stylish as well as practical and boasts a wood effect finish in white.With plenty of storage to choose … Our collection of inks and toner cartridges contain supplies from leading brands such as HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark and Brother. Available for next day delivery to your home office or business at very competitive prices. Once you’ve chosen your new computer desk, it’s time to take a look at a new home office chair. We have all kinds of styles, from swivel chairs to office stools and more.

If your desk is needed to fit in a tight corner, check out our corner desks. We also have smaller desks for those with a smaller space. Wooden desks are often made from solid wood like oak, through to lightweight MDF chipboard.