The controller inputs can be ‘mapped’ to a person’s preferences and used alongside the standard controller allowing disabled and non-disabled gamers to compete at the same level. Eye tracking and head tracking systems tend to operate an onscreen keyboard using the mouse so are included in the mouse section below. Helpikeys is a customisable adaptive keyboard for people with learning and motor difficulties. It is also beneficial for people with visual or cognitive challenges.

They can also be useful for those who work on graphic design software since they allow you to click without moving your hand off the keyboard. If your child is just getting started with computers, then a basic mouse might be enough for them. Smaller mice tend to be easier to handle, while larger models provide greater precision. This can cause problems with your internet connection, so it’s important to choose a location away from other electronic equipment.

  • Some kids enjoy playing video games, while others just want to browse the internet.
  • It also stands out thanks to its prominent extra button – a bright blue Windows-branded clicker.
  • Tracking eye movement means that the cursor does not need to be driven around the screen and so is typically much faster than head movement tracking.
  • It is a hand operated input device that controls and navigates an on screen cursor.

We recommend your screen is directly in front of you so you do not have to twist your body and should be approximately an arms-length away with the top of the screen roughly level with your eyes. Additional buttons on the joystick can operate left, right and double clicks, as well as other common shortcuts such as cut and paste. Joysticks work in a similar manner to the controls on an electric wheelchair, with the joystick position determining the direction of the mouse pointer.


The design is attractive enough and offers a good fit in the hand. And the battery is fantastic, offering up to two years worth of charge on a single AA battery. Click the button, and you’ll get the notches back for when you need to scroll more precisely. This will then show whether your device is faulty or whether something is wrong with your computer. It is important to have your screen positioned at a comfortable level to minimise bad posture and the risk of injury.

Ergonomic keyboards ‘split’ the keyboard in two, placing each half on a curve so your arms are at a more comfortable, relaxed angle when typing. Standard keyboards and mice are functional ways of interacting with your computer and increasingly other devices like tablets. However, these standard devices can pose difficulties for many people – especially users with physical, sensory, or cognitive challenges – and there are lots of other options available. Ideal computer mouse selection for people with hand/wrist issues.

It also stands out thanks to its prominent extra button – a bright blue Windows-branded clicker. It’s a nice feature, although I do wonder how many people are still using the ‘Start’ button on their computers (just pin your most-used apps to the desktop like the rest of us. Seriously). Just like computer keyboards, there is a huge amount of subtle variations in the design of mice which can completely change their useability. Often the cause of wireless sets not working is the receiver being blocked by something or interference from another device. Check that the wireless device is not blocked by any form of items before trying the next steps. There are several accessible gaming controllers available such as Microsoft’s Xbox adaptive controller.

Microsoft Surface Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse

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Tecknet Cordless Mouse Blue Bm307 New

When shopping for a computer mouse for your child, consider whether he or she is left-handed or right-handed. The most common feature of these mice is the scroll wheel, which allows you to move through documents easily. Small mice are usually less than 10 inches long, and they’re great for little hands. They’re also easy to carry around, making them perfect for traveling. In addition, some mice have more advanced technology, such as 3D tracking and customizable buttons.

Most mice also have a wheel in between the buttons that you roll to move up and down the screen – technically called ‘scrolling’. If you’re the type of person who needs to quickly scroll through a lot of really long documents, this feature will change your life. If you’re looking for in-person support, you can book a free visit from one of our disclosure-checked volunteers. Many of our volunteers are former IT professionals who give their time to help older people and people with disabilities to use technology to achieve their goals.

However, if your child isn’t interested in using these features, then you shouldn’t spend money on a mouse with more buttons. Another important consideration is how many buttons your child wants. While most mice have at least two buttons (usually forward/backward and left/right), some have more. Many companies offer adjustable mice, allowing you to switch them to match your child’s preferred hand.