If you find any, right-click on it and select Update Driver Software to update its driver. BlueScreenView is a great Nirsoft utility that will show important information if you have recently suffered a Blue Screen of Death. You should be able to identify and solve the problem using this information. Below are some common reasons for BSOD and their solutions. The dreaded Blue Screen of Death can occur due to both software and hardware problems, but usually, it’s a hardware problem.

Now, expand USB settings and disable USB selective suspend setting. Here click on Change plan settings next to your current plan and then click on Change advanced power settings. If there are no issues in your computer, then contact your Internet Service Provider for help. They can confirm the problems from the server and router side. Check whether your computer is infected with virus, malware or adware.

Also try other browsers to see if it’s just the problem with a specific one. Go into Device Manager and double click on Network Adapters. If that still doesn’t work, click ‘uninstall’ and restart the computer. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website to install the latest drivers. If the hard drive is scratching or making loud noises, shut off the computer and have a professional diagnose the hard drive. Each time you boot up a computer with a damaged hard drive, it will damage the hard drive further.

Part 2: How To Tell If A Hard Drive Is Failing?

Many of the above hardware problems can be easily fixed by tweaking the settings or using a software. However, some of them will definitely require you to pay a visit to the computer repair shop. You should back up all your data immediately and try to get another hard disk before this one fails on you.

If an entire drive or a partition/sector has been corrupted, then it will automatically delete your saved files. As much as you try to avoid it, chances are that your hard disk can get corrupt unexpectedly. The error mostly occurs in HP systems, but even PCs from other manufacturers can also undergo the same. A malware attack on the system, a corrupted sector, or a bad program can be a major trigger for this.

  • It doesn’t matter what kind of data loss scenario you are facing, you would be able to move past it using Recoverit Data Recovery.
  • If you’re having an issue with your computer, you may be able to find out what’s wrong using the process of elimination.
  • In this lesson, we’ll show you some simple things to try when troubleshooting, as well as how to solve common problems you may encounter.
  • As much as you try to avoid it, chances are that your hard disk can get corrupt unexpectedly.

It is difficult to identify the Wi-Fi problems as multiple programs and devices help your computer to connect with internet. Anything could cause problems like your computer, router, modem, browser or your ISP. If your computer is using too much memory, close all unneeded programs and browser tabs and see if your computer’s performance improves. If your computer doesn’t have enough memory to do basic operations, some computers allow you to purchase and install more RAM.

While the data is still there on the disk, it becomes inaccessible. To get it back, you need to create a bootable media and run data recovery on your system. If these drive problems have occurred due to a loose connection, then you should consider this approach. Disconnect the external hard drive and restart your computer. Now, try to connect it again and check if the system detects the drive.

Top 10 Common Computer Problems & Solutions

Then, select either ‘Uninstall updates’ or ‘Recovery options’ and follow the steps to uninstall the problem update. Make sure you check Microsoft’s support website to see if Microsoft has released a permanent fix for the problem update. It could be a bad WiFi connection, or maybe you have too many devices using one router, thus slowing the speed of your internet connection. It could be a router or a connectivity problem, slow internet or failure to connect to WiFi could be the result of internal computer problems. Often the problem is simple and may be caused by a bad cable or phone line, which is easy to fix.

Disk Error 13 Manufacturing Fault

That’s all without even considering large file downloads which take up even more bandwidth. The most common issue these days that really grinds our gears is WiFi connectivity problems. Since most cloud-based programs now rely on that WiFi bandwidth to work, it has become the bottleneck through which everything else must pass. As a result, slow or inconsistent WiFi means much of what you’re running can be backed up. The most common computer problems might be something a lot of people have to struggle with, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Now you’re here, you no longer need to worry about that spinning wheel of doom or the jolting error messages that come with a blue screen of death.

Remove any newly-installed hardware components and re-insert, repair, or replace them. One or more of your computer’s device driver programs are out of date. You press the power button and your computer won’t turn on, or it powers up and then promptly shuts down. The good news is that this is almost always a hardware problem, so you can usually immediately rule out any software-related culprits. Make sure all hardware components of your computer are properly installed. Install and run an antivirus program to repair infected files.