The Dell ultrasharp QHD monitor is simply glorious to view media with. This should come as little surprise given the monitor’s spec sheet. 1080p resolution, “comfortview” blue light reduction and top-drawer colour calibrations are just a few of the many strings to the U2719D’s bow. A particularly interesting feature of this monitor is its “brightness intelligence technology”, which dims excessively bright areas of the screen whilst boosting the visibility of dark areas.

Have a more pleasing immersive visual experience with Flicker Free. There’s also a set of built-in 10W speakers plus DisplayPort 1.2, VGA and HDMI ports so you can connect your PC, laptop or games console to the monitor for a dual screen experience. Similarly, for design work or work in gaming or video, make sure you have the right refresh rate on your monitor. This is a measure of how often the screen refreshes and updates the picture – a low refresh time will mean a choppier picture. In most cases, you’ll either be getting a monitor made for the sRGB color space or the more colorful DCI-P3 one.

Manufacturers of both kinds of panel do their best to mitigate the worst characteristics of IPS and VA, so it’s worth considering both kinds. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn commission. There are various companies and charities that will take away old, unwanted monitors for free. In addition, your local council recycling centre may also accept old electronics.

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Technically, Windows, the web and non-HDR games and video all use sRGB, but if you want an extra colorful screen, an accurate DCI-P3 monitor is more appropriate. LED – These monitors are very similar, but use light emitting diodes to illuminate the LCD panel. This allows for greater control over contrast and brightness, producing deep blacks and richer colours than is possible with a standard LCD screen. Monitors are measured along the diagonal between two opposite corners of the display. A larger screen is generally construed as providing a better video viewing experience, while smaller screens can be more convenient to keep around the home. In our view, the most suitable monitor sizes for home and desktop use are within the range of about 21in to 27in.

Elegant, convenient and beautifully sharp, this is our favourite monitor for home working. We found it a joy to set up and use, with the eight default picture modes catering excellently for a range of uses, from gaming to writing this very review. When they aren’t in use, all monitors go into a very low-power standby mode if they don’t detect any inputs. It’s still worth turning it off, though, as there’s no sense in wasting energy, even if it is only a very small amount.

  • And while many PC components are still suffering depressing shortages, performing a screen upgrade is one of the most accessible and most impactful changes you can make to your gaming rig at the moment.
  • This is the best affordable monitor we’ve tested, offering excellent performance and quality at a very fair price.
  • They use a flat panel array of liquid crystals divided into millions of subpixels, which are illuminated by a fluorescent backlight to produce an image on screen.
  • If you’re looking to do anything such as photo or video editing, it’s worth remembering that TVs will prioritize bolder colors and contrast over portraying an accurate representation of the picture.

Elsewhere, higher refresh rates let gamers experience more frames for a smoother experience. If you’re sticking purely to work, though, a 60Hz refresh rate will be more than enough. Alienware’s 34-inch display has lightning-fast refresh times, low input lag, and plenty of pixels to make that leaderboard look as crisp as possible.

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While many have embraced the work/ life balance in their daily schedules, there was one surprising thing we missed from office life – double computer monitors. Below, we list the best computer monitors across various categories, from gaming to budget 4K and HDR. Working from home has become the new normal for many people, so finding the best computer monitor is more important than ever. After all, you want to see the best visual quality from your coworkers’ best webcams, right?

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Picture quality is good and while it’s not brimming with features, it does the basics brilliantly. To help you avoid the duds, we’ve rounded up the best monitors we’ve tested at a variety of prices. And below that, we’ll take you through the key considerations you need to make when choosing a new computer monitor. 5 out of 5 stars 5 product ratings – Samsung LC24F390FHU FreeSync 24in. All this quality doesn’t come cheap, but if you’re after a great TV first and foremost, which can occasionally double as a computer monitor, this is a superb choice. Working in partnership with us saves you time and money creating unique corporate merchandise ranges.

Picture quality is good and its various ergonomic features and USB ports mean it’s a great office companion. It’s expensive, though, so consider whether you need the features before buying. Nowadays, its quite rare to come across a computer monitor that doesnt feature a widescreen style screen. These widescreen monitors have become the norm over recent years, allowing you to have more programs or files open at once on the screen. Or simply giving you a better screen experience when watching TV shows or films.