Wireless mice come in various sizes, ranging from tiny models that fit inside a laptop bag to large desktop-sized units. Plug and Play USB Mouse with rainbow light, Precise tacking and easy selction, No need to install any other drivers or software. Learning to control a cursor with a computer mouse is an integral part of this, but sometimes adult computer mice can be too large and difficult to maneuver.

  • You don’t need to worry about dragging wires all over the place or having to plug them into your computer every time you want to use them.
  • Touchpads are stationary pads operated by sliding your finger across the surface; clicking can be done with buttons or by downwards pressure / tapping lightly on the surface.
  • The Silent Plus is Logitech’s only device that employs quiet clicking, but it feels like such a revelation you have to wonder why the company hasn’t adopted it as standard across all its mice.
  • Obviously there are hundreds out there, so I picked one or two from each category, to give an idea of the breadth of the market.
  • Most vertical mice come in right or left-handed versions, but some are symmetrical.
  • Also, like the BIG track mouse shown here, they can be strong and are often suitable for being operated by elbows or feet.

Today the optical mouse has completely replaced the ball mouse, being supplied as standard with all new computers. The one thing which does give me pause is that the Sculpt mouse is powered with two AA batteries. I’m not saying it’s like pushing a dead weight around your desk – if anything this mouse is lively – but it is noticeable difference compared to some of the other mice I reviewed. If the set still does not work after re-synch, try replacing the batteries in the mouse and keyboard with brand new batteries.

Kensington 1500151 Mouse Optical Black Usb & Ps2 3 Button Scroll Optical

Among its many features, it works seamlessly between multiple devices, thanks to Logitech Flow technology. It can spin freely for easy one-flick scrolling through long documents, or when you press the wheel in – you can switch to click-to-click scrolling. That’s because Logitech’s latest Lightspeed wireless technology is faster than anything we’ve used before, making it a true competitor to wired mice for gaming.

The click requires an annoyingly firm press to get it to register; and I noticed occasional cursor drifting – something that didn’t happen with any others in this list. I’d definitely recommend investing in something slightly more upmarket. And trust me, once you’ve used it, you’ll suddenly start to hear every mouse click you ever make from then on.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

It also stands out thanks to its prominent extra button – a bright blue Windows-branded clicker. It’s a nice feature, although I do wonder how many people are still using the ‘Start’ button on their computers (just pin your most-used apps to the desktop like the rest of us. Seriously). Just like computer keyboards, there is a huge amount of subtle variations in the design of mice which can completely change their useability. Often the cause of wireless sets not working is the receiver being blocked by something or interference from another device. Check that the wireless device is not blocked by any form of items before trying the next steps. There are several accessible gaming controllers available such as Microsoft’s Xbox adaptive controller.

How Many Mouse Buttons Is Good?

Most vertical mice come in right or left-handed versions, but some are symmetrical. Choose a mouse that fits your hand; it should be the right shape and size to support the natural curve of your hand, and allow a neutral wrist position. The mouse should have buttons that neither cramp the fingers nor spread them out too far apart. Laser mice are normally wired, and offer a higher DPI than optical mice. If you are require a very precise mouse for applications such as graphic design or gaming, a laser mouse is recommended.