Web Designer

Web designer is the party who designs the interior on the web so that it is easy to use and also looks aesthetically pleasing to web visitors. In addition, the task of the web designer is also indirectly to do the marketing of the website they are working on.

In the process of creating a website, web designers have a job desk to present an aesthetic appearance to visitors. If parsed, the work of web designers includes:

Define Web Planning

Before starting to design web interiors, planning is needed to know the progress of making and also to determine web completion targets.

Choose a Font

Choosing a font or typeface greatly affects the appearance of the website you create. Fonts can define the professional side of a website. In addition, fonts can also affect the comfort of users or visitors reading on their devices.

Choose Color

Colors on a website are just as important as fonts. Each color has its own philosophy. One of the most important things is that color also represents the instance of the web you are designing.

Layout Content

Of course, you will be uncomfortable if when opening a website through a laptop or smartphone, the web display is messy and disorganized. Web designers have a duty to lay out the content so that it is comfortable to read.

Understanding And Designing Navigation

Web designers must also be able to understand and design navigation on websites. This is to make it easier for web visitors to navigate content on the web.

Careful in Organizing Programming

The task of web designers is to be careful in managing programming code. If you are not careful then the programming will not be read by the computer.

Understand Good Images

One of the tasks of a web designer is to choose good images for the appearance of the website. The web designer here doubles as a photo curator to display on web pages. If the selected photo is not right, it will certainly affect the appearance of the website.

Understand Client-Side Scripting

Web designers are also required to understand HTML/CSS to develop websites. Programming languages ​​are used to set fonts, layouts, colors, and also videos or photos. HTML/CSS and JavaScript are part of Client-Side Scripting.

Assemble the Prototype

One of the tasks of a web designer is to compile a prototype or example of a web page that will be published. By compiling a prototype, the web designer will know which parts need to be addressed or not.

Test and Launch

After making the prototype, the web designer held a trial. After the trials and prototypes are evaluated, the web designer will fix the website. When the web is complete, the web designer will launch the web.

The task of a web designer does not stop at the top. Web designers are also tasked with understanding SEO, communicating well, and also managing time.